Vintage Bandage Wrapped Cheddar

This is the equivalent of an estate bottled wine. Mariano has decided that at 24 months of age, this cheddar is complete. It is all that is expected of the best cheddars made worldwide. In 2004, 2006, and 2007 it received 2 Silver and 1 Bronze Medal at the World Cheese Awards in London, competing with the European cheeses on their home turf. It also won a Gold Medal at American Cheese Society in 2006. We get many comments from customers that this is the taste they remember when they were children, growing up in Europe. We couldn’t ask for a better testimonial. This cheese has a firm, crumbly, dark straw colored flesh; and has a nutty, slightly smoky, earthy taste, and more round finish than most aged cheddars, with a lovely lingering aftertaste. Tyrosine crystals usually abound in this cheese, giving it a “crunchy” mouth feel, similar to Parmesan Reggiano, a sign of well aged hard cheeses.