San Joaquin Gold

This cheese has a natural, thin rind with a tawny buttery color. Crunchy protein crystals abound in this cheese. Mildly sweet and mellow when young, it develops a darker golden hue and nuttier flavor over time. Its flesh is firm and granular with an aroma of toasted nuts and browned butter. It has pleasant acidity and salt balance with a deep lasting flavor and lovely sweetness. Wine pairings might include an off-dry sherry or a multitude of reds, especially a rich California Syrah, or Pinot Noir. Serve with salami and olives as an antipasto, make grilled cheese sandwiches, combine it with Lionza in fondues, or cook with it in many recipes. This is our own creation. It is an American Original cheese created at Fiscalini Cheese Company. In keeping with the European tradition of naming unique foods after the location where they were first produced, we have named our San Joaquin Gold after the rich San Joaquin Valley of Central California. It can be used as a table cheese, melted for use in cooking, or grated as a soup or salad topping. Having won national recognition in its infancy, this is a cheese we think has unlimited potential. It is made in 30-pound wheels with a cow’s shape stamped into the top of each wheel as its trademark identification. We have found that aging to 16 months is the suitable time for its release. This cheese won gold medals in London at the World Cheese Awards in 2004 and 2005, and repeated with a silver medal in 2006. It has been recognized two years in a row at the American Cheese Society and won a gold medal at both the Los Angeles County Fair and the California State Fair in 2003. It won a gold medal at the American Cheese Society in 2008. It is used in many fine restaurants and featured in gourmet cheese stores throughout the country