The cheese is lightly straw colored with a few irregular eyes. It has a thin natural hard rind, a sweet milky caramel-like flavor, an enchanting aroma, and a semi-soft springy texture. This is a wonderful snacking cheese, and should be great in cooking and fondues. Our Lionza cheese is a direct result of the roots of the Fiscalini Family in Switzerland. The cheese is named after the tiny hamlet high in the Swiss Alps where the Fiscalinis called home for more than 300 years. One Fiscalini family still lives there today. The cheese is classified as an alpine cheese because it was first produced in the Alps. We follow the same steps developed generations ago, yet currently used by cheesemakers in the Ticino region of Switzerland, and have produced a cheese remarkably similar in taste, aroma, and texture to the cheeses that are made there today. Our wheels are 26 pounds, slightly larger than the traditional Swiss wheels. In 2007 this cheese won second place at the American Cheese Society in the “Farmstead Category,” the largest and most prestigious category at ACS. In 2008, Lionza won Best of Show at the California State Fair by unanimous decision garnering six of six votes. Pair this cheese with sweet white wines or with most reds.