Fiscalini Cheddar

A “white” cheddar made the old fashioned way, with a cheddar mill. This cheese shows the hearty flavor expected in older cheddars, and tastes wonderful. It is made in forty-pound blocks and aged at least twelve months. Mariano Gonzalez is well known for his cheddars, and this one will not disappoint. This cheese has no rind, is creamy white with firm crumbly flesh. The flavor is clean with a range of fruity, sharp, and nutty tastes and a traditional “bite.” In 2005 it won a gold medal at the American Cheese Society and Fiscalini Cheddar won the only American award in London in 2003 in a cheddar category. It was awarded a silver medal in a category where no gold medal was issued. In 2007, and in 2008, it received a gold medal at the World Cheese Awards. Pair this cheese with hearty reds, snack on it, use it in hot or cold sandwiches, or add it in many menus.